Why believing in YOU is so freaking important!

In the end, we all want to live a full life and when we realize the shortness and the depravity of it, we truly can release any inhibitions and launch towards whatever goal we have in mind, truly believing in ourselves.

  • K.McQueen

Some of us spend many of our time seeking and soaking up the praise of outside influences and while that can be good, I must caution that it has its downside because not every time someone will be there to stroke our egos, give us a pat on our backs or even offer a word of encouragement. So it is crucial that the fire of self-belief and self-worth starts with you first. It may sound cliché when someone says that confidence is from the inside, Honey, it is the truth! Believing in yourself does not have to be done in a conceited way, as one can be humble while thinking highly of themselves. So what does this look like? Glad you asked. Here are some tips that I’ve done to work on me:

1. Be brutally honest with yourself. No need to look at who you are through rose-colored lenses. We pretend every day to be someone we’re not in different settings, so let’s not do this with ourselves. When you realize who you truly are then you can start believing in who YOU want to be. For a long time, I didn’t like my size and I had to be frank with myself, which brought me to the realization that I have the power to do something about it so I started working out for the umpteenth time after so many failed attempts. However, this time instead of trying to make it into a “weight loss quick plan”, I am making it a lifestyle habit.

2. Believing in yourself takes time for many of us. Luckily, for some, they were raised in an environment that cultivated such thoughts from an early age while some of us come to this realization in our adult life. Nevertheless, it is not too late for you. Work on this insistently to the point where you feel at rest within yourself going against the multitude because let’s face it, not everyone will agree with you.

3. DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO ANYONE ELSE! It’s okay to draw inspiration from the person around you but don’t you dare compare their journey to yours, it is the thief of joy! You have to come to the conclusion that only YOU can be the best version of YOU! Believe that! Work on that! Let that resonate deep within your soul!

I can spend all day and night speaking on this subject because I realize how crucial it is for us to grow and become the person we were created to be. So please don’t stifle your own voice, your own creativity, your own worth because you can be so much more than your failures, more than your fears. But instead, teach yourself to be kind, train your thoughts to be positive and your words to be gentle. You are capable of great things!

Self believe

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2 thoughts on “Why believing in YOU is so freaking important!

  1. I love how you said believing in yourself doesn’t have to be done in a conceit way. More people need to read this. It was very informative an I love how you gave an example. Great read!! I thoroughly enjoyed it.


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